Aardman re-launch Eden Arts’ Flock project

The Shaun the Sheep PomPom Parade is a baa-rilliant new people’s project to raise awareness and support for His Royal Highness Prince Charles’ Campaign for Wool in which anyone and everyone can participate. The project is a collaborative effort between leading wool interiors retailer The Wool Room, Aardman’s woolly ambassador Shaun the Sheep and Eden Arts brilliant Join the Flock project of 2012. 

The aim is to set a new world record for the largest flock of handmade wool pompom sheep that the world has ever seen! To achieve this we are inviting people of all ages and all locations worldwide to make pompom sheep and post them in. If you already know how to make one you can start right away, if your memory is a little rusty or you’ve never made a pompom before you can download our handy how-to kit from the webpage. The kit also includes fun sheep face and leg templates that you can cut out and attach to your pompoms to give them ewenique sheep personalities, and make sure they stand out from the rest of the pompom flock.

The Shaun the Sheep PomPom Parade has taken its influence from an Eden Arts project called Join the Flock, which managed to collect over 5,000 pompom sheep from members of the public which were then exhibited around Cumbria this summer. With their help and support we are proud to be extending this awe inspiring project and breathe new life into a wonderfully woolly creative project.

The challenge will close in March 2013 when the entire flock will be paraded for visitors inLondonat a venue to be confirmed.

Project manager Jennifer Warr from The Wool Room says, “It’s so exciting to be launching a wonderfully fun and creative project with wool that will raise awareness of the Campaign for Wool and prove to people that wool is modern, fun, fresh and definitely the ‘fibre that has it all’. Since setting this project in motion I have become addicted to making pompom sheep, the creative possibilities are endless!”

To be part of this exciting world record challenge head over to the webpage to learn more, join the facebook page to access baa-rilliant competitions as well as to submit your very own pompom sheep photos for other shepherds to see!

Join in at: www.thewoolroom.com/shaunspompomparade

Follow on facebook: www.facebook.com/shaunspompomparade

Eden Arts 2012 project: www.jointheflock.co.uk




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