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Winter Droving

In response to the perceived desire that Culture and Events in Penrith & Eden need to seek greater partnerships with business, Eden Arts hosted a business lunch on Fri 22nd April to explore the question

What use is culture to business?

Thank you to those that came along, and to our speakers David Hymers MBE,(EDC and Total Post) Rory Stewart MP (Penrith & Borders) and Adam Wellings, (Ast Signs).

Here is a summary of the event.

1. Rory Stewart MP said

“Eden Arts brings an amazing energy to Penrith. I spend a lot of time going to events where people talk about the way you can get an economy going and connect it to culture, society, ideas, and beauty; but few people are as articulate or effective at this than Eden Arts. We are really lucky to have Adrian and his team delivering inspiring ideas and making them reality, and I would love to see more local businesses engaging with Eden Arts on their projects.

Eden Arts is a national gem, right here in Penrith, and they have a fantastic ability – with events like the Winter Droving – to create new traditions, to keep young people connected, to encourage visitors, and to show the rest of the country what rural Britain can be.”







2. Adrian Lochhead, Eden Arts said “We need to work together… Culture isn’t a “lone nut”, it can create a movement”

3. Let’s take the holistic view – an infographic from The Arts Council England



4. Adam Wellings, Ast Signs said “Businesses in Eden need skilled workers. We especially need to attract and retain young families and local young people.” Which is highlighted by these statistics…

  • By 2037, the number of children up to age 14 in Eden is predicted to be 6,700 – down 13% from 2012.  Cumbria actually has the biggest drop of children under the age of 14 of any county in England.
  • If you look nationally this age group is actually going up by over 9%.  So for Eden this is a swing in the wrong direction of over 20% when compared with England as a whole.
  • Added to this, by 2037, people of working age in Eden will drop by nearly 17%.  And as you might guess over the same period, people aged 65+ is predicted to go up by nearly 60%.

5. It’s part of the glue

Events like The Winter Droving, C-Art and Remote Cinema make a real difference; not just financial in terms of boosting the local economy but also for people to meet and participate.  It’s part of the glue that holds communities together and makes them an attractive place to live and work.I think it’s crucial that the private sector comes forward to support arts and culture; we live in straightened times for public funding – it’s better to just do it ourselves.” Adam Wellings, Commercial Director, Ast Signs


Got an idea about how arts and culture can connect with business? Would your business like to support arts and cultural events? Would you like to share your opinion?

Find out more about sponsoring Eden Arts events here.

or get in touch with Eden Arts Director, Adrian Lochhead, he would love to hear from you. e: adrian.lochhead(at) t: 01768 899444



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