Eden Arts is looking for CARNY acts…

Other Half Productoins

Other Half Productions with The Big Bang Challenge at the Winter Droving 2016

We are interested in CARNY…

We like CARNY shows, sideshows, barkers…

What would a 21st century carny made by and/or populated by artists look like?

We are seeking new collaborators and collaborations for sideshows at our Winter Droving festival and other events.  This may be from artists and groups who are already working around CARNY themes or those who wish to develop new work.

We book shows, and we can support funding bids for new ones, we can help with rehearsal space and technical support as well as promoting your work to other festival/arts contacts within our networks.

“The Winter Droving allowed us to develop a new sideshow to investigate the relationship between emotion and motivation. This opportunity is rare indeed. Winter Droving is special because it is owned by a community who have now travelled on a journey together to the point they are far more open to new experiences. Incredibly, we have watched this develop over only a few years. We are all a part of the freakshow now!”  Jake Goode & Jo Galbraith, Other Half Productions

The Winter Droving takes place in Penrith, Cumbria on Sat 28th October 2017. We started the event six years ago and now the event attracts 20,000 people to the day long event. The Winter Droving in an invented myth based on Penrith’s agricultural heritage. Farmers drove their animals into town to sell (probably not in winter though!) and we imagine that everyone who came down from the fells caught up on the gossip, bought and sold animals and had a right old knees up! We are interested in Mikhail Bakhtin’s concepts of carnivalesque and the grotesque and how they can apply in the 21st Century as well as historical roots of droving and agricultural market towns.

We particularly welcome ideas, work and proposals from artists with protected characteristics.

To find out more about the Winter Droving go to www.winterdroving.uk


In the first instance please email adrian.lochhead@edenarts.co.uk with who you are, examples of previous work and an outline of your idea/show/proposal and we will take it from there…

Please respond as soon as you can and at latest by 5th March 2017

Feminist Mouse Circus

Feminist Mouse Circus at the Winter Droving 2016




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