My Week at Eden Arts

This week Eden Arts have been hosting a work experience student from Appleby Grammar, Isla has been working across a range of our projects – here is what she has to say about week in the office.

Work Experience

I was very excited to start my work experience at Eden Arts and get away from school which comes hand in hand with looming exams and revision.

I was greeted warmly by the staff (plus Reggie the dog) and was immediately thrown into action as I started my first assignment; making Faeries for the new project ‘The Unseen’. I had to create small faeries out of pieces of material and feathers which I later placed in and around villages and towns in Cumbria, and then I uploaded an image of it to the unseen website ( and devised a brief story on how I found it and what it looks like. I really enjoyed doing this since it was very creative and unusual.

On Tuesday we had a staff meeting/ lunch, Bryoney made delicious Tofu and vegetable noodles and for pudding we had Lemon or Courgette cake (both equally as tasty). Then we discussed what has been happening and what needs to be done before we went down to the printing room, tugged on our overalls and started re-painting the room a vivid yellow.

The rest of the week consisted of similar things, adding listings to the Cumbria Route 66 website, adding events for Remote Cinema to the Eden Arts calendar on their website, finding interesting artists and sharing their posts and videos to the C-Art Facebook page, creating posters for Remote Cinema etc.

It gave me a great insight of how events are organised, websites are made and what it’s like to work in an office. I would really recommend this placement to anyone interested in planning, events and arts.

I really enjoyed my work experience here at Eden Arts and will be sad to leave and go back to school but it has taught me lots and I know for sure I will be able to put the information I have gained from this experience to other opportunities I will have in the future.

Isla McWilliams



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