The Carrot

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The Carrot magazine is part of New Writing Cumbria’s young writers’ project, Rabbit Rabbit (rabbit). (Carrots… rabbits… they kind of go together.)

It’s a celebration of the best new writing in Cumbria, submitted by Cumbrian writers of all ages, and selected by a group of young editors.

It’s also a writing magazine with a bit of a difference.

Firstly, it is an online magazine. Digital. Not book shaped. This means that we can showcase writing in other ways. Like music and film. (After all, even films without dialogue are scripted.)

Secondly, it doesn’t just feature writing. We hope this will allow it to appeal to people who might not initially think they’re interested in writing. (The more people who stumble on our words, the better, right?)

You can check out the magazine here.

Rabbit Rabbit (rabbit)

Rabbit Rabbit (rabbit) and The Carrot are funded by Arts Council Grants for the Arts. New Writing Cumbria is managed and supported by Eden Arts.