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Droving 2021

Turn back your clock four centuries?

The annual town celebration that is The Winter Droving has to be different this year due to the impact of Covid-19. However, the event will still be a magical celebration of rural life, food, fun, masquerade, and fire in Penrith.

Perhaps this year more than ever we should be celebrating our place, our community, and businesses, showing that we are still vibrant and active. This year’s festival is the 10th annual spectacle of feathery, fuzzy, and glittery animal masks to descend on Penrith town center, spread over a 3-day period. Which will hopefully be part of the community for years to come.

Please see our 2021 event page for information about this year's festival.

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The Winter Droving, the story so far...

For the past decade, Fire, Music, Masks and Mayhem have descended onto Pooley Bridge & Penrith Town Centre.

The festival encourages visitors to dress up and 'join the herd' by donning a mask, dressing up as a farmer and enjoying the entertainment.

Traditionally The Ullswater Droving marked the beginning of the festivities, held the day before the Penrith town center Winter Droving. With a special torchlight procession on the historic Ullswater Steamers Jetty and making its way through Pooley Bridge led by a street band, before performances and a bonfire. Pooley Bridge businesses shared their winter warmers of hot food, drinks and ice creams to the droving revelers. Unfortunately owing to the pandemic the Ullswater Droving didn’t take place in 2020/21.

The Penrith Winter Droving transforms the town center with its busiest market of the year, bustling streets, roaming street performances around every corner. Plus, top-quality local, regional and national musical acts across several stages. This all leads up to the highlight of the day - a magical fire and lantern procession throughout the town, where thousands of people would line the streets to watch the spectacle. This year, the parade has been reimagined, into a spectacular visual treat. The 2021 Winter Droving will not host the traditional parade, as we may have to bow to social distancing restrictions, however, the lanterns, fire and tomfoolery will still be at the heart of the festival.

Created by Eden Arts, The Winter Droving has become one of Cumbria’s iconic cultural events seeing 20k+ attend annually. The event has grown exponentially with audiences making the journey from all corners of the UK.

Shortlisted: Cumbria Life Culture Awards 2019

Highly Commended: Cumbria Tourism Awards Event of the Year 2017

Winner: Star of The Community Award, Penrith Stars of Business Awards 2017

Shortlisted: Cumbria Tourism Event of the Year 2016, 2015

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