Artists Being Useful: Penrith Day Hospice


Penrith Day Hospice Films

Artists Being Useful: Penrith Day Hospice Films

The Cumbria County Council funded ‘Artists Being Useful’ programme was designed to place creatives in non-creative contexts and see what impact this would have. The idea was very much about creative thinking rather than painting murals.

One outcome was that Eden Arts worked with Cumbria Partnership NHS Trust to address problems that the trust was experiencing e.g. issues such as recruitment and end of life conversations.

One of the resulting projects was the creation of a series of short films by Eden Arts and Tom Lloyd about Penrith Day Hospice. Tom and Eden Arts’ Director Adrian Lochhead attended the day hospice regularly over a series of months, speaking with clients, staff and volunteers about the hospice and people’s lives.

The outcome was to show people what the hospice did, breakdown misconceptions about what a hospice is and does and highlight the diversity of people that engage with the hospice. You can see the films here.

Penrith Day Hospice #1 Volunteers

Penrith Day Hospice #2 May Day

Penrith Day Hospice #3 Hands

Penrith Day Hospice #4 Activities

Penrith Day Hospice #5 Treatment



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