a gathering of artists, arts professionals and some extraordinary others

Bivouac is a bringing together of artists, arts professionals, scientists and exceptional people for a couple of days to get out of the office/studio/computer and give your brain and body a kind of arts and minds spa.

Previous conversation starters have included Prof. Charles Quick, In Certain Places, Stuart Nolan; Robyn Woolston, Artist and Stella Duffy, Fun Palaces, John Sidney, Sellafield, Daniel York, Actor, Rebecca Chesney, Artist,

'It was a talking, sharing, confiding, considering, thinking, walking, drinking, EATING, pasta-making, death-discussing, faerie-making, magical (literally), gathering. Meeting. Engaging. It was about conversations, nothing led or panel-debated, nothing decided beforehand to any huge level, just a bring them together and see what happens thing. It was bloody brilliant.'

- Stella Duffy, Writer, Theatre Maker, Fun Palace Creator - she BLOGGED ABOUT IT HERE

It’s chance to recoup with other minds, to eat lovely food, talk about subjects as diverse as shipping, nuclear power, art vandalism, land use, Victorian mind reading, refugees, keeping chickens, with other very interesting and talented people.

BIVOUAC #3 - 11th & 12th July 2019

Conversation starters include

Sarah Bird, Founder and Director of Wild Rumpus

Richard Dedomenici, Artist and Filmmaker

Matt Lodder, Senior Lecturer in Art History and Theory and Director of Americian Studies at University of Essex, Author of Tattoo: An Art History

Jez Dolan, Artist

Jo Galbraith, Founder of Just Play and Other Half Productions

Gavin MacGregor, Prehistorian and Artist

Maddi Nicholson, Artist Founder Director, Art Gene

Tassos Stevens, Director, Coney

Deirdre Nelson, Artist/Designer

BIVOUAC #1 & #2

Previous editions of Bivouac have included pasta making, presentations, baking, painting, walks around the Lake District, visits to Nuclear Power Stations, a trip to Walney Island and Art Gene (barrow), delicious food, great conversations, sharing of work and interested and much, much more.

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