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FLOCK! began in 2011 and engaged schools, groups and individuals around the world as part of this public art project. Thousands of people created sheep for an installation, which then went on to tour Cumbria in the summer of 2012.

The project promoted creative collaboration, while raising awareness of the International Campaign for Real Wool.

The FLOCK were also exhibited at London Zoo to join with a Guinness World Record attempt for the largest collection of handmade sheep.

35 schools in Eden took part and a further 15 schools outside the district also created the sheep with their classes. A number of Cumbrian home education groups also participated, with around 2000 people participating in workshops overall.



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In 2011/12 we ran FLOCK - a national public art project that invited people to contribute to a large scale art installation made up of thousands of woolly pom-pom sheep! Thousands of schools, groups and individuals took part from throughout the UK (and beyond!) and number of installation were displayed in summer 2012. The project's aim was to encourage creativity and collaboration while raising awareness and celebrating the sheep farming & wool industry.

FLOCK began one regular day, when the internet in our office went down. Not to be deterred by this challenge we set about creating a simple pom pom sheep, it was a fun thing to do one afternoon and go us all talking, and there you have it, FLOCK was born!

Fast forward to a few months later and we were being sent pom pom sheep from all over the world, the project gained national recognition and a world record!

“11 of our residential pupils took part in this project using hand over hand assistance from members of staff. We found this project an excellent sensory experience for our pupils.” Lesley O’Connor – residential social worker, Bleasdale House School

“we had a really good evening making the sheep, 3 of us and our grandchildren. Making them caused great laughter – much better than watching television on a Saturday night!” – participant from Cockermouth.

“What a lovely, crazy project!”

“From Cambria (US) to Cumbria (UK), my sheep has begun its long journey to join the flock. Since the FLOCK website requested photos of sheep or sheep-making, attached is my photograph of the finished product. I needle-felted the head and legs. It's a pleasure to participate in this project--thanks for the opportunity!” Jana Seely – Cambria – USA

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