September 2017

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Journey into the deep with Captain Boomer

A large scale installation by acclaimed Belgian artists Captain Boomer Collective, this international work took visitors on a very special journey bringing into question the very nature of the Lake District.

Lowthermere was a hyper realistic theatre show during which the audience descends into the deep. Once the underworld is reached, things start to go seriously wrong…

Exclusively for C-Art Festival 2017 small groups of people were allowed to descend via a 400 meter deep vertical shaft into the depths below Rheged to experience Cumbria's latest discovery; Lowthermere.


September 2017

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After months of planning, discussions, meetings, phone calls and visits; on 1st September Eden Arts released a promotional video on facebook - breaking the (fake) news that a new lake had been discovered deep underground below Rheged, and provoking a debate as to whether Penrith should be included into the National Park, and new UNSECO World Heritage Site.

The 2 minute video featured video clips of the area and Penrith, footage taken from films, actors posing to be scientists and news reporters explaining the science behind the lake and ‘aquifer’ and the Leader of Eden District Council Kevin Beaty talking about how the new discovery will impact on the area.

The video quickly picked up traction, reaching 93,000 people on facebook and gaining 1300 reactions, comments & shares. The comments quickly fed a debate with people adding to the rumours with their own insights and myths around the area, people’s relationships to the identity of the Lake District, the possible impact on house prices and whether the video was fake or not.

Tours to Lowthermere began on 10th September and saw 2340 visitors descend into the deep for the immersive theatre show.

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