Through the eyes of an artist

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by Heather Walker, Deputy Director

Eden Arts Spare Room programme has brought artists from all over the world through our door to stay with us for a week or so.

We didn’t know what would happen, how it would go, what they would do…

What all the artists have done is given me is a new set of specs, a totally different way of viewing the world and what is in it and it has been great.

The subject matter has been so rich and varied and I feel lucky to be able to work in a place where these encounters happen.

Lucas Chih-Peng Kao brought us his fairies and his challenges to who embodies these myths.

Helena Salgueiro brought her movement and her Galician roots.

Gavin Macgregor brought his wonder, joy, and curiosity bringing to life an ancient monument which was, before I met Gavin, just a pile of stones and earth to me.

Mai Omer brought an insight into life in Israel and her insights into how to engage teenagers amongst other things.

Eden Arts are just embarking on a journey into augmented and virtual reality and exploring how we can make artworks with it, looking at how we can see things differently, from a new perspective with these immersive technologies. We really will, one day soon, be able to see through the eyes of an another person.

Everyone sees the world differently and it’s good to put on a new pair of specs every now and again as it brings joy, new discoveries, vitality and understanding.

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